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Four legs walking Triceratops ride for amusement playground
Time:2019/10/23 16:56:29

 -----different styles for the park

Coin or remote control or switch to start the ride...


    flexible and vivid appear

           Can be set in your garden,amusement park,shopping mall or other special place to

           attract more persons .It will be good time to use these product to be funny with all viewer

           Broaden  your business field


           We are a factory and have 12 years in made all kinds of dinosaur costumes

           and animatronic dinosaura, fiberglass product and dinsoaur rides,

           accept you custom made

              We also can provide the design case to decorate your amusement park

           Our Dinosaur display combined with local terrain and environmental conditions,

           based on customer requirements,appliers light,water,sound effect and other elements to

           build unique theme effects,such as Dinosaur Train,Water fight with dinosaurs,

           Dinosaur display cave,Dinosaur display shooting,Dinosaur display restaurants,

           to bring visitors fun and joy by our interactive entertainment. 


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