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realistic dinosaur costume


t-rex costume adult video from UK


Realistic dinosaur costume video


realistic dinosaur costume---raptor costume





Movement:mouth open and close synchronized with dinosaur sound,eye blinking,head up to down and left to right,tail swaying,walking

Description:One adult can put on realistic dinosaur costume and  operatie  it  of each parts of the body, far looking like a real dinosaur in walking. Dinosaur mouth can open and close synchronized with dinosaur sound.The walking dinosaur costume is a unique product in our company.


  1.realistic dinosaur costume install camera and video screen displayer(9 inches),which you can see out clearly through it;

2.It install loudspeaker,which can output dinosaur roaring sound synchronized with mouth open and close;

3. When you hold the sound trigger(handle)up and down and dinosaur eyes will be blinking with sound.

4.We install two air fans into the stainless structure,which can cool the weather inside of realistic dinosaur costume.



Our engineer design dinosaur shape according to your requirements and all of them are made by hand. 



We have a sound box which install on the realistic dinosaur costume metel structure. There are seven kinds of dinosaur roaring sound in

this box and you can choose the best one by yourselves.


We have gotten CE certificate for realistic dinosaur costume. All the products have been tested and got quality report before 





Why choose us?

We located in Zigong city of China, which is renowned as the "dinosaur hometown", therefore, we have more knowledge and better understanding on the dinosaurs.

Our company is highly experienced in the manufacturing of animatronic dinosaurs over 10 years, which makes our dinosaur products more stable and reliable.

We exporting approximately 400 animatronic dinosaur products to more than 20 countries around the world every year, and of which the dinosaurs are highly praised by customers.

We paying more attention on the work efficiency, and constantly optimizes the production processes, which reducing the costs, shortening date of delivery, stabilizing the quality.


how to cooperate with us

1.Send us your request by email or phone. After that, our salesman will contact you soon within 24 hours

2.See out product item,and choosing which products you like. Tell us product name and full information will be provided soon, such as specification, cost, power consumption, delivery time etc.

3.Business Negotiation on details. After confirmation, signing contract

4.After signing the contract and proceed the first transfer, we step into Production Period immediately. Meantime, each week, we shall send update making process pictures for customer’s references.

After Production Complete, test quality before delivery. Then packing, loading, transport to the departure port…..



The customer from all over the world visits our factory.

We can negotiate the details of our product online. 


After you choose the product from our website,

then we send Proforma Invoice to sign.     

Payment Way: After we signed Proforma Invoice,

you should pay us first advance payment in three ways:

Pay Pal, T/T and Western Union. 

Our customer always pay us in PayPal because it is the best safety way

and you should pay 5% of the goods as handling charge to Paypal company.  


We alsways need about 10--15 days to make it done

after receive advance payment. 

 When we have finished the production,

and we will show pictures and video to you.

Then you can pay us left payment.

Then we will deliver it to you from our factory to your country

by ship in 20--30 days or by air in 3--5 days.   




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