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fiberglass Pterosaur sliding for kids playing

Fiberglass Pterosaur sliding for kids playing

                                   --- For kids amusment park


We are a factory and have 13 years experience in made all kinds of fiberglass dinosaurs , 

fossils,animals and insects.

Accept custom made size and color


We have a professional team who can free design your park........


It made up of the fiberglass .......

The more quantity you buy, the best price we can give you 



 it made up of the fiberglass which it is a strong materials, can not be broken and damaged.

Waterproof and sunproof, you can place it outdoor or indoor...

All process were made by pure handmade 

 flexible and vivid appear

Can be set in your garden,amusement park,shopping mall or other special place to attract

more persons It will be good time to use these product to be funny with all viewers..

Broaden  your business field 



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