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Two persons wearing dinosaur adult costume,special custom dinosaur costume

wish our dinosaur suit can make your life more happy.

if you feel free interested, welcome to contact me.
we can accept you customization
*1.We use stainless steel for mechanical structure inside.
It is only 25 kg and actor can wear it to walk anywhere and control it easily.
*2. The skin with high strength materials, prevent the skin torn apart.
*3.There are 5 movements,mouth open and close synchronized the dinosaur roaring sound;

 head up and down-left and right;neck turn around;eyes blinking;tail sway.

Each product will be tested before shipment 
*The costume has camera, the performer can be observed external circumstances.
*The performer can operate the handle, which can moving the mouth, eyes,neck, 
*We will provide 12 months for each dinosaur costume.


1.Dinosaur fossil costume install camera and video screen display (9 inches),

which you can see out clearly through it;

2.It install loudspeaker,which can output dinosaur roaring sound synchronized

with mouth open and close;

                    3. When you hold the sound trigger(handle)up and down and dinosaur eyes will be

blinking with sound.

        4.We install two air fans into the stainless structure,which can cool the weather inside of

dinosaur fossil costume.


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